Hello world of losers!

Hey, losers, welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. It sucks. Edit or delete it, then start writing other loser posts!

losersHey, let’s  not be so rude and leave this post as a single post for losers. Other posts should be much better and for smart people like you and me.

Every day I see people who feel like losers, even though they are not. High standards of social position, job and even surrounding envirement have lots of critisism towards all of os. Sometimes we cannot bear it anymore and consider ourselves as losers. For one day. Next day, when one wakes up, the life feels great again and all the challenges are just another great experience. No signs of being loser.

If the state of loser continues, go to doctor. You may have serious psychic illness. This is not a shame, but losers often fall to depression which leads to irreversable circumstances. If you notice a person with such symptoms, do not hesitate to help. Being loser for one day is not bad, but for entire life, unfortunately, it is a disease.

Good luck, losers for one day. Next day you will be smart asses 😉

Some fun for the end 🙂

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