9 reasons why green energy is a better investment than deposit

green energy

Green energy has been just a buzzword for the majority of investors for years. Investing in green energy is profitable? Are you serious? The guaranteed prices for green energy is not rising anymore and some producers of this green energy are disappointed. Investors used to avoid this industry, but the situation has changed.

The investment world has been struck by a hurricane called “ICO”, as well as new terms such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contract, and tokens. Green energy has been aside of this ICO madness, but now the situation is changing. Do you want to earn up to 17 percent annually? That is an easy task to do if you have some Ethereum coins. Just purchase some WePower tokens for green energy and watch your growing profit. Sounds like a fairy tale, but is it legitimate? Absolutely. It is a secure way to back the green energy producers and buyers and earn some cash, no matter if your investment is worth 100 or 100.000.

Green energy business has three groups of active participants:

  1. Green energy producers – small and medium companies which produce green energy in their wind or solar plants, out of the soil, using water power and even movement on the pavement.
  2. Green energy buyers – households and companies which have an alternative power supply from those green energy producers. Sometimes such energy is the main and only power supply.
  3. Green energy investors – the individuals and companies which want to benefit from green power plants and users. Their investment encourages green power production and consuming.

All those three groups have one common thing: their main concern is clean and renewable energy and its impact on our future economies.

Why is green energy profitable?

“Now we use 20% of the renewable energy out of 100%. This still contributes large CO2 emissions and our planet is becoming a hotter place. To stop the climate changes, we should be using more green energy. Ideally, only green energy.” – says Nikolaj Martyniuk, CEO & co-founder of WePower. His company is building a special platform for the investment to green energy. With such smart tools, the annual revenue may be up to 17 percent and even more. The green energy industry is still not using half of its potential, so investment may be highly profitable.

3 reasons why energy producers are more optimistic

Green energy producers need some encouragement and WePower tool is helping them.

  1. More investment – more energy. Energy producers receive investment for more energy production. If the investment is successful they can build another windmills, solar panels, invest in marketing solutions which help to sell their power to business and households, etc.
  2. Less paperwork. Traditional investment requires lots of paperwork to be done. With WePower power tokens and smart contract the paperwork is minimal, therefore the owners of green power plants can focus on other more significant challenges.
  3. More buyers. The business is profitable only when buyers are eager to buy the green energy. WePower brings producers and buyers together. Power sales are much easy with motivated buyers brought through WePower system.

There is one reason not to be happy, but rather being proud of the work. Participating in WePower project requires some charity actions. Every energy producer is entitled to donate 0,9% of produced energy to community needs. That is not much, but still, it requires additional preparation. Small producers may donate yearly usage to some poor neighbor house or local library or school and that will help community needs and may be used as PR campaign.

3 reasons why power buyers should be joining WePower

  1. Cheaper energy. When consumption is rising the kWh price is falling. That’s the principle of any business.
  2. Saving energy. By joining WePower, every investor can become a buyer. Every token equals to 1 kWh which can be used not right now, but sometime in the future. So you can buy energy now and do that continuously, and use it in the future.
  3. Energy from several producers. The small producer may not satisfy the big needs of the big buyer, therefore, it is possible to buy energy from several suppliers simultaneously.

3 reasons why energy investors should participate

  1. Easy investment. All you need is some Ethers, which can be purchased at any cryptocurrency wallet online. Check for the better exchange rates.
  2. Influence on the development and usage. More investment, bigger plants, more consumers of green power. Finally, the return is much higher, predictably up to 17% annually.
  3. Small investors welcome. The ICO is suitable for all kinds of investors, who have some cryptocurrencies, including the small ones which may buy tokens just for 50 euros. That’s a new type of crowdfunding.

In the end, everybody is beneficial. WePower is a special place where people can contribute to their cleaner and safer future.

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